Green Fury How To

Use 1 to 3 ounces of GREEN FURY to one gallon cold or warm water, depending on soil. Apply solution to pre-rinsed equipment – allow to set approximately 5 minutes. Swab heavily soiled areas with brush, then rinse clean. Safe for car and truck finishes; fast, inexpensive cleaner that rinses free.

For inexpensive – only pennies per gallon – yet effective cleaning, use one ounce GREEN FURY to one gallon of cold or hot water. Does not stain or leave dulling soap scum.

For a powerful combination of wetting, penetrating and emulsifying action, thoroughly mix one part GREEN FURY with one part kerosene type solvent, then add an additional 4 parts of the kerosene type solvent. After applying, soaking and scrubbing where necessary, surface is quickly rinsed clean with a pressure hose. (This mixture is combustible.)

Use one part GREEN FURY with 25 to 50 parts cold water, depending

upon the job. Safe, odorless, non-caustic cleaning for metals.

Using a kerosene type solvent, prepare a mixture as outlined for concrete floors. Spray or brush on surface and allow to stand 15 minutes.

Equipment requires no heating, but may be warm. Rinse clean and air hose when available. (This mixture is combustible.)

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