Application Process: RexRoc Multi-Purpose Resurfacer



ALL SURFACES must be thoroughly dry and free of all dust, dirt, rust, oil, paint, and loose particles before applying REXROC. A detergent

wash followed by thorough water rinsing is advisable.

PATCHING CONCRETE: Remove all loose particles and dust from area to patched. Surface must be absolutely clean and dry. Any areas

which are oil-soaked must be thoroughly cleaned and dried. Area should be sandblasted, chipped or mechanically abraded to produce rough-
ened surface for patching. Fill any holes with hard rock, masonry, or bricks. Use REXROC to bind this fill-in material together. Bring to floor

NEW CONCRETE: Allow concrete to age for a minimum of 6 weeks. Remove all dust and wash with a solution of one part muriatic acid

(hydrochloric acid concentrated commercial grade) and ten (10) parts water. Rinse thoroughly with water. ALLOW TO DRY THOROUGHLY.

RESURFACING OLD CONCRETE FLOORS: Clean floors thoroughly. Remove all dust by sweeping or vacuuming surface. On a “slightly

dusting” concrete where a hard, clean surface cannot be obtained by sweeping, use a detergent wash followed by a thorough rinsing with wa-
ter. ALLOW TO DRY THOROUGHLY. The detergent wash is normally all that is required before application of REXROC. For maximum adhe-
sion, however, the floor may be roughened by rinsing with a solution of one part muriatic acid (hydrochloric acid concentrated commercial

grade) and one parts water. After the acid has boiled out the alkali and roughened the concrete, the floor should be flushed with water until no

further boiling or frothing is observed. ALLOW TO DRY THOROUGHLY.

COVERAGE: Trowel, putty knife, or other suitable tools may be used in applying REXROC. Each 1-gallon batch of REXROC when mixed and

applied to a thickness of ¼ inch covers approximately 5 square feet. A KIT of REXROC (4 gallons) when mixed and applied to a thickness of ¼

inch covers 20-25 square feet. With care, REXROC can be trawled to a thickness of 1/16 inch.

A REXROC unit is packaged in two containers – on containing a blend of aggregate, pigment and resin and the other containing a special cur-
ing agent. mix thoroughly the two components and REXROC is ready to use. Be sure to use ALL of the curing agent furnished for each unit.

To ensure removing all mixture from container, put a portion of the aggregate mixture into the container of Curing Agent. Stir so all liquid is

absorbed. A heavy duty electric mixer is recommended to obtain a through blend. A complete, thorough mix is required.

A case of REXROC (Fine Texture) consists of 4 one-gallon containers of Aggregate Blend and 4 10.4 AVDP. oz containers of Curing Agent.

ACCURATE MEASURING AND THROUGH MIXING ARE ESSENTIAL. For a 1-gallon batch of Resurfacer, mix ALL one container of Curing

Agent with one 1-gallon container of Aggregate. For small quantities, combine in this ration: 1 cup of Aggregate to 1½ tablespoons of Curing

Agent. A thorough mixed unit, at 75 ºF, has a “pot-life” (usable application life) of 1 hour after mixing.

APPLICATION: For best results, floor must be at least 50 ºF and preferably 70 ºF. Lay thermometer on floor to check temperature. Most effec-
tive method is to apply a thin layer by pressing down firmly with a trowel, then build up on this layer to desired thickness.

To Cover Large Areas: Apply REXROC in strips 2 feet wide, finishing off each strip before applying the next, This produces a uniform surface,

free of joint marks. After application in a thin layer, REXROC may be worked and surface finished for a period of up to 1½ hours for the time of

DRYING TIME: Depends on atmospheric conditions and room temperature. At 70 ºF, REXROC dries for light walking traffic in 24 hours.

Complete drying for maximum chemical resistance, 7 days.

KEEP TOOLS CLEAN: Before REXROC hardens on tools, clean them with kerosene or naphtha. To remove hardened REXROC from tools,

use Methylene Chloride.

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