Tipping the Scales: Cost vs Price

As consumers, it’s important to weight the price versus cost in the products and services we buy. Whether it be vehicles, light bulbs, shoes, computers, phones, or whatever else; comparing an item’s true cost versus its initial price is very important to choosing the right item. Isn’t that rule the same for lubricants? Let’s consider the initial price in three key product areas with Royal products compared to competitor products and see who ends up on top.                                                                                      …

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Royal Titan Citrus Degreaser

ROYAL TITAN CITRUS DEGREASER is a D’Limonene degreaser designed for a broad range of applications from light-duty institutional cleaning to heavy-duty industrial degreasing. While D’Limonene may be a new word for you, citrus degreasers/cleaners should not be. It would be safe to assume that at least 90% of all citrus degreasers or cleaners contain D’Limonene. What is D’Limonene? D’Limonene is the major component of the oil extracted from citrus rind. The use of D’Limonene as a cleaning additive began about 50 years ago when scientists searched for a safer alternative to chlorinated solvents. Many found D’Limonene to be the answer. The versatility of D’Limonene also added to it’s popularity with many finding that they could replace many different cleaning products…

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The Missing Piece of the Puzzle… Cleaners

Green Fury & Royal Command date back to the early 1960’s. For over 50 years safety regulations, which include cleaning, have increased. Warehouses and manufacturing facilities must keep floors and equipment clean. Even in the construction/excavation and transportation industries, equipment needs to be clean. That’s where Green Fury & Royal Command come in! GREEN FURY Concentrated Green Fury has a pH of 8.3 which is considered mild enough for use as a hand cleaner. Green Fury must be “activated” with water. When activated correctly, Green Fury will clean most any job, big or small! Green Fury has no fumes and has no harmful effects. Green Fury has an A1 rating by the USDA. This means Green Fury can be used in…

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