Dual-Guard 12

Tipping the Scales: Cost vs Price

As consumers, it’s important to weight the price versus cost in the products and services we buy. Whether it be vehicles, light bulbs, shoes, computers, phones, or whatever else; comparing an item’s true cost versus its initial price is very important to choosing the right item. Isn’t that rule the same for lubricants? Let’s consider the initial price in three key product areas with Royal products compared to competitor products and see who ends up on top.                                                                                      …

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Diesel Fuel’s BFF… Dual-Guard 12

With all of the changes to fuel over the last seven years, it is critical to know that you have access to a product that can have your equipment running properly, well protected and not wasting time and money.  DUAL-GUARD 12 is one of the most powerful fuel additives in the industry today. THERMAL STABILITY One of the biggest issues with diesel fuel today is poor thermal stability. Today’s fuel has a difficult time avoiding breakdown under operating temperatures and injection pressures.  The results…less fuel is burned and deposits in the form of lacquer and varnish are left behind.  The measure of power generated by burning diesel fuel is measured in BTUs.  The less fuel that is burned the less…

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