Pivot Pro 80

Four Must Have Products for America’s Must Have Industry

X-Celerate But it’s not too late to get X-Celerate in your hands. With an unbeatable 1:800 starting average mix ratio, X-Celerate is a uniquely formulated surfactant that eliminates the need for; Additional Defoamer Drift Control Agents Crop Oils AMS Pivot Pro 80 There are few applications as costly, labor intensive, and tedious as gear failure in irrigation pivots. Downtime in pivot gears can usually be traced back to inadequate lubrication. Many of these applications use 80w/90 or 85w/140 gear oils, or similar products. The sad reality is that most gear oils just don’t make the cut for this extreme application. Enter Pivot Pro 80. What makes Pivot Pro 80 stand out among the rest is that it isn’t a gear oil…

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