Setting the Standard: Ultima 2100

May 2016 is a special month. It marks the third anniversary of the start of Royal’s rebranding process. In that three-year time period we have continuously pushed the importance of Ultima 2100 as the premier grease. And not just at Royal, but in the industry.   EXTREME PRESSURE The first benefit to Ultima 2100 is its extreme pressure abilities. Most competitor greases you find will say things “EP Capabilities” or “Extreme Pressure Grease” while having a Timken OK Load of 50 – 60 lbs. When you see that Ultima 2100’s 100 lb. Timken OK Load, you know that you have a grease that won’t pound out even in the toughest applications.   WEAR PROTECTION The next benefit of Ultima 2100…

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Four Must Have Products for America’s Must Have Industry

X-Celerate But it’s not too late to get X-Celerate in your hands. With an unbeatable 1:800 starting average mix ratio, X-Celerate is a uniquely formulated surfactant that eliminates the need for; Additional Defoamer Drift Control Agents Crop Oils AMS Pivot Pro 80 There are few applications as costly, labor intensive, and tedious as gear failure in irrigation pivots. Downtime in pivot gears can usually be traced back to inadequate lubrication. Many of these applications use 80w/90 or 85w/140 gear oils, or similar products. The sad reality is that most gear oils just don’t make the cut for this extreme application. Enter Pivot Pro 80. What makes Pivot Pro 80 stand out among the rest is that it isn’t a gear oil…

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  646 SUPREME GEAR LUBE What if we told you we had a multi-viscosity gear oil that will dramatically reduced temperatures, never emulsify with water and has a color coded additive to warn you when the oil has oxidized and needs to be changed? Is that something you would be interested in? When you think 646, think heavily loaded industrial gears, stationary gear boxes and slower moving heavy equipment requiring a GL-4 or GL-5. Gear sets that are prone to moisture contamination are a perfect candidate for 646. Industry Best Non-Foaming Reduces temperatures and prolongs life of oil and components. Adhesive and Cohesive Climbs, crawls, coats and protects metal surfaces during use, at rest and at start up. Zero Emulsification Far…

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Tipping the Scales: Cost vs Price

As consumers, it’s important to weight the price versus cost in the products and services we buy. Whether it be vehicles, light bulbs, shoes, computers, phones, or whatever else; comparing an item’s true cost versus its initial price is very important to choosing the right item. Isn’t that rule the same for lubricants? Let’s consider the initial price in three key product areas with Royal products compared to competitor products and see who ends up on top.                                                                                      …

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Ultima 2100 Bullet: Two Great Products in One Unit

At the end of 2015 Royal introduced the Ultima 2100 Bullet; a single-point, disposable automatic lubricator. We are pleased to be able to offer these exceptional units to our customers, nation-wide. GREASOMATIC The Ultima 2100 Bullet uses the GREASOMATIC, a durable, single-use, self-contained automatic lubricator that uses an electrochemical reaction. It reliably provides a continuous, controlled supply of grease to your machinery… keeping contaminants out and lubricants in! The Ultima 2100 Bullet can be used in a wide variety of industrial applications. It’s all plastic body makes it ideal for wet and corrosive areas like water, waste-water treatment facilities, paper manufacturing, dock cranes, and more! In addition, there are no electrical components so it is safe for hazardous locations. ULTIMA…

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Using the Right Tool for the Job: X-CELERATE

None of us that ever tinkered, built, took apart, or modified; used our dad’s or grandad’s tools without hearing the words, “put it back where you found it.” There is good reason for this…it simply makes sense and is the right thing to do. I can think of one more phrase that was no doubt uttered by those that taught us the little rights and wrongs of getting through life. Even more relevant was my grandfather’s favorite, “use the right tools and get it done the first time.” It’s this gem of a piece of advice that we want to talk about today and exactly how it can change your outlook on the growing season. A certain amount of life…

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Holding A Royal Flush

10 of SPADES- DSL-MAX It is no secret that current diesel fuel regulations allow for more problems and concerns than the industry has ever seen. Some of these problems include reduction in lubricity, decreased MPG, increased deposits, decreased thermal stability, increased oxidation, and much more. Fortunately Royal has the answer: DSL-MAX. DSL-Max was specially formulated for diesel and bio-diesel fuels. DSL-Max has the ability to increase thermal stability, reduce rust and corrosion, eliminate injector deposits, reduce wear over 30%, drop pour point and CFPP up to 25o F, and much more! When it comes to diesel fuel conditioners, none can beat the superior power of DSL-MAX!   JACK of SPADES- 646 SUPREME GEAR LUBE For over 50 years 646 SUPREME…

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Hot New Products

DSL-MAX Fuel Conditioner:  Not Your Grandad’s Additive If there is one part of our industry that has seen numerous high impact changes over the better part of the last decade, it is diesel fuel.  Bio diesel offers the added lubricity demanded by OEMs, however it brings with it serious issues and with B5 (5% bio diesel) the standard for the industry, no one is avoiding problems.  The biggest money wasters are easily increased water, poor cold weather performance and a lack of stability DSL-MAX (pronounced Diesel Max) represents the latest in fuel additive technology and does it in spades!  A complete diesel fuel treatment package , DSL-MAX offers the water shedding chemistry fuel manufacturers want.  In addition, the ability of…

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Six Products for a Killer Summer!

ULTIMA 2100 Over the past two years customers and salespeople alike are realizing the full potential of Ultima 2100. Ultima’s 100 lb. Timken OK Load and 570 F maximum operating temperature are just part of its benefits. Ultima 2100 boasts a 0.67% water washout, over 570% lower than industry average. Add to this a 0.33mm 4-Ball Wear Scar test result and you have one of the best equipment protecting greases on the market.   Supreme HD & Supreme HD II For nearly 25 years, Supreme HD has been a staple product for Royal, exceeding nearly all other CI-4 and CI-4 Plus engine oil specifications. Today, Supreme HD still outperforms many others in the industry with its industry high 15+ TBN. For…

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Copy and paste the link below to view a video on Tractor Hydraulic Fluid and how long life fluids can benefit you!    

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