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Joe Schumacher X-CELERATES his business!

Joe SchumacherJoe Schumacher of Schumacher Oil in South Dakota has always been a large supporter of Royal, who we are and what we do.  Few of our lubricant consultants or distributors introduce more new companies to our superior quality grease and oils than Joe.  This trend continues with one of the most exciting and powerful products ever offered by Royal…X-CELERATE!  In fact Joe has spent the last several days attending the South Dakota Weed Board Meeting, sharing information on how he and Royal Oil Co. can help in this fight. Farmers from coast to coast and border to border are aware of the issues with herbicide tolerant/resistant weeds.  Joe, at least in his neck of the woods, is doing everything he can to offer the most powerful solution on the market.  X-CELERATE is water based, non-ionic and uniquely blended.  This wetting agent is highly concentrated and at a recommended mix rate of 1 to 800 with herbicides, it delivers a knockout blow to thistle, water hemp, pig weed, mare’s tail, leafy spurge and countless others.  With a host of other benefits, this is the right product for all spray applications.  If you are farming ground in South Dakota, North Dakota, Nebraska or Iowa give Joe a call and get an order in today!  Call Joe Schumacher  at (605) 659-0377 or contact our home office and we will get you more information.

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