A new day has dawned for herbicide resistant weeds


As the cold winter months come to a close, the long days of spring will begin. In addition to countless hours of preparation, planning and planting…farming operations will begin the tireless battle against herbicide resistant and herbicide tolerant weeds. During my years in this industry I have yet to speak to anyone in or around a farming operation that is not all too familiar with the nightmare issues brought on by the arrival of these weeds and the issues inherent with their arrival. Royal is proud to introduce the premium tool in this billion dollar battle. X-CELERATE is a uniquely formulated wetting agent and the results we have seen, when mixed with herbicides, is incredible. With a cost effective recommended mix rate and many additional benefits, find out why custom sprayers and farming operations across the country are making X-CELERATE the preferred tool in their battle against herbicide tolerant weeds.

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