FIBERED ALUMINUM ROOF COATINGPure aluminum flakes give FIBERED A.R.C. a gleaming silver brilliance.

What are the benefits of FIBERED ALUMINUM ROOF COATING?

It extends roof life by getting deep into hairline cracks to help prevent water seepage. Potential leaks are stopped before they begin. Helps preserve the roofing membrane to add years of service life to a roof.


Cures to a gleaming silver finish which reflects up to 80% of the sun’s infrared and ultraviolet rays.
Deflection of these rays lowers the temperature of a built up roof system and can reduce the temperature of the underneath side of the roof deck by as much as 26°F. Air conditioned buildings operate more efficiently; non-air conditioned buildings feel more comfortable.


By deflecting heat before it has a chance to enter a roof system.
it helps protect the roof membrane against drying, cracking and splitting caused by the elements. Unlike thin film coatings, FIBERED A.R.C. is a viscous gel which cures to a greater mil thickness to provide extra protection. Helps prevent the formation and spread of rust and other organic growths on metal roofs.


Looks as great as it performs.
Pure aluminum flakes give FIBERED A.R.C. a gleaming silver brilliance. Property that is attractive and well maintained inspires confidence and lends a distinctive quality to the community. Contributes significantly to a well-kept appearance.


Combines special asphalts, pure aluminum flakes and reinforcing fibers to provide superior roof protection.
Unlike thin paint film coatings, FIBERED A.R.C. cures to a greater mil thickness for extra protection.


Ready to use as it comes from the container.
No heating or thinning required. Stir until aluminum pigment is thoroughly suspended and stir frequently during application. FIBERED A.R.C. may be applied by brush, roller, squeegee or spray. Spray application is not recommended when windy conditions exist. It is suitable for use on roll roofing, metal roofs, asphalt and gravel roofs. Can be used inside lumber kilns to seal the surface and maintain the humidity inside the kiln. Also, the reflectance of the aluminum will help keep the heat inside the kiln, thus reducing the amount of heat required to maintain the proper temperature.

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