KILN-KOTEA coating proven to control moisture and heat.

What is KILN-KOTE?

KILN-KOTE BLACK provides a rugged barrier helping to control heat and moisture loss within dry kilns.


Lumber is processed in dry kilns to remove excess moisture..
High heat is used for this process. Temperatures in the dry kiln average 176° – 185° Fahrenheit. The vapor pressure of water at this temperature is 7.5 lbs./inch². The difference in pressure between the inside and outside of the dry kiln causes heat and moisture to squeeze through the walls, doors, etc. KILN-KOTE provides a rugged barrier helping to control heat and moisture loss within the dry kiln.


Heated air laden with moisture rises to the ceilings in dry kilns.
This product retards this moisture from attacking ceiling, walls, and decking of dry kilns. This substantially reduces expensive structural repairs or replacements. Proper application is beneficial in helping the dry kiln operate efficiently for extended periods.


Forms an air-resistant, moisture and waterproof barrier.
Controls air seeping into the dry kiln while retarding moisture and heat from escaping. Steady heat is maintained, reducing fuel costs, making the operation more efficient.


Heat and moisture ratios within the dry kilns are more easily and effectively controlled with KILN-KOTE.
With a steady temperature maintained, lumber is cured more rapidly, steadily and efficiently.

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