MAGNEMYTESets up in just twenty minutes and is ready for traffic in only one hour.

What are the benefits of MAGNEMYTE?

Rapid set-up eliminates costly down time – – helps workers get back on the job quickly


Remarkably strong.
It develops compressive strengths up to 10,000 psi. It will not shrink. It is resistant to freeze/thaw cycles and de-icing chemicals.


May be used to repair above or below grade concrete.
Can be used almost anywhere concrete occurs. Application can be made easily and quickly, producing a bond stronger than the surrounding concrete. It is excellent for: Loading Docks Concrete Steps, Concrete Chuck Holes, Parking Decks, Installation of Bolts in Concrete Floors, Bridge Railings, Concrete Curbs, Freezer Rooms, Fence Posts, Metal Railings


MAGNEMYTE is easy to apply.
After thoroughly mixing with water, pour the material into the hole to be repaired and level the patch with the surrounding concrete. Use a mortar-type mixer for large jobs. For smaller jobs, an electric drill with an attachment or a simple shovel is adequate.

Need More Info?

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