ROYAL ICE MELTING COMPOUNDEffective in removing icy-snow quickly with little labor.

What are the benefits of ROYAL ICE MELTING COMPOUND?

It’s ability to remove ice and snow quickly makes ROYAL ICE MELTING COMPOUND the ice melting product of choice around office buildings, farms, car lots, schools, restaurants, retail stores, hotels and motels. Clean, safe walks and drives attract more customers to places of business.


ICE MELTING COMPOUND’s melting action is speedy and effective!
Generates its own heat on contact with ice and snow. Active down to -59°F. Works where you want it, when you need it.


ICE MELTING COMPOUND pays for itself with time and labor saved.
Normally, only 2 to 4 ounces per square yard quickly removes icy snow, helping prevent accidents due to slippery and icy surfaces. It further cuts winter maintenance costs by eliminating hours of back-breaking drudgery in freezing drains, downspouts, railroad switches and other outside equipment with winter’s icy grip.


ICE MELTING COMPOUND is light and easy to handle.
Sprinkle sparingly over the icy surface by hand, scoop shovel, or mechanical spreader. ICE MELTING COMPOUND is packaged in easy to store 100 pound, husky, round fiber drums which require little storage space. Containers
should be kept tightly sealed after each use and stored in a dry area.

Need More Info?

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