ROYALUMEAdd years to the life of your roof

What are the benefits of ROYALUME?

The SUN is the most damaging enemy of any roof. Its rays dry out the preservative oils and asphalts in ordinary roofing materials. By deflecting these harmful rays, ROYALUME’s gleaming aluminum layers help protect roof asphalt from drying out and cracking.


In addition to protection, ROYALUME also helps to insulate.
Unlike most insulating materials which retard heat after they have penetrated the roof, ROYALUME helps stop heat on a roof before it enters the roof system. Time and temperature tests using ROYALUME produced the following results: The surface coated with ROYALUME was cooler by 22° F. after one hour and by 26° F. after eight hours.


ROYALUME adds years of service to a roof.
By reducing drying and cracking, it helps eliminate harmful leaks. On metal roofs, ROYALUME helps prevent the formation and spread of rust. A roof lasts longer with minimal maintenance.


Pure aluminum flakes give ROYALUME its unequaled silver brilliance.
Property that is attractive and well-maintained inspires confidence and lends a distinctive quality to the community. ROYALUME contributes significantly to a well-kept appearance.


ROYALUME requires no thinning. Apply only on clean, dry surface.
Rusted spots on metal roofs must be cleaned. New asphalt roofs should weather at least 90 days. Stir until all aluminum pigment is suspended before applying with brush, roller or airless spray. Stir frequently while applying. ROYALUME is suitable for use on roll roofing, metal roofs, asphalt and gravel roofs. Spray application is not recommended when windy conditions exist.

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