SEAL-TITE ASPHALT SEALANTHelps avoid expensive, time consuming black-top replacement.


SEAL-TITE ASPHALT SEALANT is a blacktop, asphalt, pavement, and driveway sealer that penetrates beyond the surface of the crack. SEAL-TITE comes ready to use and is easy to apply. No heating. No thinning.


Black-top surfaces deteriorate from exposure to air, sun, rain, freezing weather and snow, from the wear of traffic and from the hardening of the asphalt surface..
If this dry, weakened condition is not corrected, cracks and breaks soon appear. Moisture seeps in. The base becomes soft. Traffic churns it up. In low temperatures the moisture freezes and expands, causing unsightly, dangerous holes to develop. Expensive time-consuming replacement becomes necessary. SEAL-TITE virtually eliminates this costly problem quickly, easily, inexpensively by sealing the surfaces with rejuvenating asphalt. The result is a pliable surface which gives protection and repels damaging moisture to extend the service life of the asphalt paved area.


Many paving sealers on the market only coat the black-top surface and are quickly worn off by everyday traffic.
SEAL-TITE penetrates deeply into the asphalt surface establishing a tough bond and adding new asphalt life.


SEAL-TITE helps avoid expensive, time consuming black-top replacement.
Preventive maintenance is quicker, easier and more economical. You save money by applying SEAL-TITE the movement voids, hairline cracks, or other small breaks in an asphalt surface are detected. Early repairs help prevent future, more costly repairs from occurring due to neglect. For maximum service from asphalt paved surfaces, apply SEAL-TITE BEFORE cracks actually appear to save time, money and the black-top surface.

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