INDUSTRIES O.E.M.’s have recognized the value of strong detergent additives, to increase engine durability and oper-ating performance. Clean injectors help maintain maximum combustion efficiency, which increase fuel economy.


Fuel Economy tests conducted according to the SAE J1321 “Joint TMC/SA Fuel Consumption Test Procedure Type II” using DSL-MAX showed a significant improvement in fuel economy. Under the stringent test requirements base fuel treated with the DSL-MAX Platinum Performance Package showed an improvement in fuel economy of 3% minimum. The longer DSL-MAX is used within a system the cleaner the system becomes and the better performance one can expect in fuel economy.


DSL-MAX with its Advanced Additive Technology acts in a significant manner to control the effects of water in fuel. The demulsifier promotes the separation of water and fuel when water is excessive, preventing the formation of an emulsion. By reducing emulsions you are also reducing rust and sludges which can form in fuels. This helps fuel flow freely and allows free water to be drained from fuel storage tanks.


As engine temperatures increase and diesel fuels change, added lubricity is a must. New diesel engines have a higher probability of lubricity problems. These lubricity problems are addressed and answered with DSL-MAX. Third party run testing showed DSL-MAX reduces wear at a rate greater than any other tested product, including the industry’s most popular.


Average fuel temperatures have risen about 100 degrees Fahrenheit in the last ten years. Fuel is often pressurized above 20,000 PSI (over 30,000 PSI in some systems) and braised by temperatures in excess of 6500 Fahrenheit. Prolonged exposure to that kind of heat can accelerate the thermal breakdown of fuel, creating sediments and sludge, which can alter spray patterns and plug filters. DSL-MAX with its Advanced Additive Technology addresses this serious and growing problem. DSL-MAX helps stabilize and maintain Diesel Fuel quality by protecting against thermal degradation.

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