WHY Royal Dual-Gard 12?

Along with injection failure, diesel equipment users rank power loss as the biggest issue with today’s bio-blended fuel. ROYAL DUAL GARD 12 offers a solution to this issue. By stabilizing the fuel, ROYAL DUAL-GARD 12 helps to maximize the number of BTUs generated when fuel is burned. In addition, the CLEAN RUN Technology and its ability to keep pins, spindles and other vital injection components free of lacquer, varnish and gum and functioning properly means power remains at its peak.


Bio-blended diesel fuel is the standard today. In fact, B5 or 5% bio-diesel / 95% ULSD, is the most common fuel being delivered to diesel fuel users. The 5% bio-diesel is added to the fuel as a lubricity modifier. It is critical that a fuel additive be tested and have the necessary additives package to provide all that is needed for today’s ever evolving diesel fuel industry. Trust in the bio-qualified performance of ROYAL DUAL GARD 12.


Today’s bio-blended diesel fuels simply do not have the thermal stability to hold up under the increased temperatures and injection pressures of today’s modern diesel injection systems. The arrival of these fuels and their “break down” issues has led to what experts and equipment manufacturers are calling IDID or Internal Diesel Injector Deposits. When the bio-blended diesel fuels break down internally, lacquer, varnish and gum are left behind; reducing power, fuel economy and functionality. Improving the thermal stability with ROYAL DUAL GARD 12 means reducing breakdown, reducing power loss, increasing injector life deposits and improved diesel fuel performance.


The U.S. currently allows more wear from diesel fuel than most other modern countries in the world. The HFRR (High Frequency Reciprocating Rig) Test is designed to measure the wear allowed by diesel fuel. The acceptable allowed wear level in the U.S. is 520 microns, with Europe at an improved 460 microns. While all untreated fuel samples vary, lowering the HFRR rate down to 350 to 375 microns with ROYAL DUAL GARD 12 is expected, thus reducing friction, temperatures, and overall wear.


ROYAL DUAL GARD 12 not only has the ability to stabilize fuel and provide a more complete burn, helping to eliminate deposits; it is designed to offer the detergents and solvency to keep the injection and fuel system clean. Removing existing deposits helps to restore power and efficiency. The modern diesel injection systems rely on very tight tolerances and extreme engineering to function properly, any build up reduces those capabilities and performance and productivity suffer. A clean fuel system is a primary objective of ROYAL DUAL GARD 12.


POWEROYAL contains special additives to deal with the everyday condensation that builds up and occurs in storage tanks and vehicle tanks. A special demulsifier has been added, so when water in fuel is excessive, an emulsion formation is prevented. This keeps fuel flowing freely and allows free water to be drained from fuel storage tanks during regular maintenance. In vehicle tanks, where the fuel is recirculated, POWEROYAL allows a controlled amount of moisture to be absorbed and harmlessly burned with the fuel, keeping the vehicle tank dry.

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