What are the benefits of ATF MULTI-TRANS?

Special ingredients are chosen to provide durability so the quality of the shift will be as smooth and as pleasing to the driver, after many miles on the fluid, as when the fluid was brand new. Antishudder durability performance is an extremely important part of ATF MULTI-TRANS. This is particularly important in school buses, municipal or transit buses, motor homes, emergency vehicles, and other people movers, such as your own vehicle. ATF MULTI-TRANS offers numerous superior performance benefits.


The first building block Royal used in making ATF MULTI-TRANS is a superb synthetic base oil.
This fluid was chosen for many reasons, including its compatibility with petroleum oils and other synthetic transmission fluids. The fluid is compatible with seals, gaskets, and various types of transmission parts. The base oil has a long service life, even before it is enriched with beefed-up additives.


S & F TRANS OIL contains anti-wear additives which provide a protective film on all moving parts.
In operation, transmissions have many heavily-loaded parts such as gear teeth and bearings. A protective film must be provided to prevent metal-to-metal contact between these parts and therefore prevent scoring, scuffing, and seizure. If the protection is not provided, expensive repair and downtime are the end results.


Special additives mixed in ATF MULTI-TRANS enable this automatic transmission fluid to combat wear, rust, corrosion, leakage, foam, oxidation, and cold weather.
While conventional automatic transmission fluids require frequent oil changes, and through poor lubrication actually reduce the service life of transmissions, ATF MULTI-TRANS extends lubricant life and provides superior protection to the transmission.


While there is no such thing as one transmission fluid for every vehicle, ATF MULTI-TRANS is suitable for use in a long list of transmissions.
Do not attempt to use this fluid in continuously variable transmissions (CVT’s) or dual clutch transmissions (DCT’s). ATF MULTI-TRANS is suitable for use in Allison transmissions to replace Chrysler ATF’s pior to 2006 or the various Dexron fluids. This fluid is also suitable for replacement of most Ford/Mercon fluids, and other manufacturers such as Honda, Mazda, Mercedes Benz, Nissan, Toyota, Voith, Volkswagon, and ZF transmissions. ATF MULTI-TRANS simplifies choosing a fluid for a very complex transmission market and inventory consolidation will be a well known cost savings tool.

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