What are the benefits of ULTRA TORQUE?

The slightly tacky nature of the product helps it cling to gears extremely well and absorb shock load produced by variations in load and drive, engine torsional activity or vibration, shifting, and wheel slip. ULTRA TORQUE will also reduce the impact caused by the meshing of gears, particularly on start-up.


ULTRA TORQUE’s formulation has a superior anti-wear zinc additive, with five times the zinc found in most conventional oils.
As a result of this extra anti-wear enrichment, in the Eaton-Vickers Ring and Vane Wear Test, ULTRA TORQUE showed impressive results. After this 150 hour test is run on an oil, the total weight loss of the cam ring and vanes is measured. ULTRA TORQUE greatly exceeded this test, with results showing less than 50% of the allowable wear to the ring and vanes.


Fluid oxidation is a chemical reaction between the fluid and oxygen.
It can be responsible for viscosity increase, varnish formation, sludge and sediment formation, additive depletion, base oil breakdown, filter plugging, loss in anti-foam properties, acid number increase, as well as rust and corrosion. Controlling oxidation is a significant challenge in trying to extend the lubricants life. Royal Oil Co. uses new generation base oils that are more oxidation stable and a much greater quantity of powerful anti-oxidation chemistry than is necessary to pass equipment manufacturers test. As a result, ULTRA TORQUE handles high temperatures and provides severe oxidation protection. Testing procedures for the Allison specification requires a minimum 320F. flash point.
ULTRA TORQUE has a typical flashpoint of 485F., providing a much higher degree of protection against high temperatures and oxidation.


Liquids are basically incompressible, but when air bubbles are introduced into a system, it becomes a problem.
Since air is compressible, a fluid contaminated with air bubbles, compresses and does not transmit full pressure in a hydraulic system. Royal Oil Co. faces this problem headon by incorporating large amounts of excellent foam inhibitors in ULTRA TORQUE – – when the foam is kept to a minimum, operation will not be hampered. Temperatures can be reduced, film thickness of the oil can be maintained, pressures and power in the system can be optimized.


ULTRA TORQUE contains gem tak which is a tackiness additive.
Gem tak helps ULTRA TORQUE cling to applications better than any other torque fluid in the industry. ULTRA TORQUE is also great for suppressing brake chatter in equipment like farm tractors. In the New Holland (Ford 7610 Test), ULTRA TORQUE provided a 20% reduction in decibel rating in this particular wet brake chatter suppression test. In the John Deere JDQ 41/42 test, ULTRA TORQUE provided a 56% reduction in total chatter. This means ULTRA TORQUE suppresses brake chatter, but does so in a manner that does not rob the brakes of their needed capacity.

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