THERMO PLATEGrease for EXTREME temperatures.


Royal’s THERMO-PLATE is an incredibly stable, non-melting grease for extreme temperatures. Unlike most “hi temp” greases, Royal’s THERMO-PLATE still offers the high quality characteristics you want in any grease. With an impressive 55lb Timken OK Load, excellent water resistant characteristics and optimal adhesive and cohesive characteristics, THERMO-PLATE is not only built to handle the extreme heat it is versatile as well. In areas where non-melting, traditional, high temperature greases are required; THERMO-PLATE will replace the current product in use and easily impress its users.


THERMO PLATE never melts – even when subjected to high temperatures.
THERMO PLATE lubricates properly under elevated temperatures, as well as normal operating temperatures. As temperatures become excessive, the outside layers of oil in THERMO PLATE begin to volatilize instead of the grease melting – the inner layers hold intact, retaining their lubricating qualities. Under continuous high temperatures, periodic flushing with THERMO PLATE helps keep bearings in good operating condition.


Another item that makes THERMO PLATE one of the best on the market is its extreme pressure capabilities!
Many products on the market that withstand high heat do not measure up to the extreme pressure qualities of THERMO PLATE. Testing procedures confirm THERMO PLATE passing a full 55 pound Timken OK Load Test.. additional protection to help reduce down-time


Since THERMO PLATE is a non-melting grease, it stays where you put it, preventing metal-to-metal contact during operation.
Use of THERMO PLATE helps eliminate galling, scoring or welding of bearing surfaces. Consumption of grease can be reduced with the use of THERMO PLATE… the fact that it will “stay put” puts money back in the pocket!


Another benefit achieved by using THERMO PLATE is the assurance of protection against moisture problems.
THERMO PLATE has good water-resistant qualities. It tends to seal itself in the bearings, thus sealing out damaging dirt and moisture. With the use of THERMO PLATE , there’s no worry of rust and corrosion wearing away metal parts and adding up repair bills unnecessarily.


THERMO PLATE is a very adhesive grease, as compared to most greases on the market.
Very adhesive – meaning THERMO PLATE clings tenaciously to metal surfaces providing an added film of protection. No “bare spots” will be encountered on metal surfaces with the use of THERMO PLATE… proper film lubrication can be depended upon at all times. The adhesive property of THERMO PLATE helps to reduce friction between metal parts, therefore reducing wear and repair bills!


THERMO PLATE is a high temperature grease which blends quality with versatility.
In normal applications it is particularly well-suited to annular bearings. Where excessive heat exists, it does a superior job of lubricating ball, roller, and annular bearings. The list of THERMO PLATE users ranges from brick and tile factories to industrial plants… from construction firms to refineries.

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