COMPRESSOR OILCOMPRESSOR OIL helps provide a clean crankcase and properly operating valves, rings, and cylinders.

Why choose Royal COMPRESSOR OIL?

Ordinarily COMPRESSOR OIL ISO 100 (SAE 30) is the lubricant of choice both in the crankcase and on the valve side of the compressor. Higher operating temperatures may cause you to choose synthetic COMPRESSOR OIL ISO 100 (SAE 30) for the valve side of the compressor. Colder temperatures may cause you to choose COMPRESSOR OIL ISO 68 (SAE 20) for the crankcase and/or valve side of the compressor.


In the screw compressor the intermeshing rotors never actually come into contact with each other.
Because compression is the major source of heat, the operating temperature of screw compressors is generally lower than in vane compressors. The lower temperatures translate into longer service life of the lubricant. COMPRESSOR OIL ISO 32 (SAE 10) and ISO 68 (SAE 20) are recommended for screw compressors depending on the manufacturer’s requirements.


In flooded vane compressors you have to deal with high rotation speed which generates excessive friction.
In this severe environment, the lubricants must withstand high temperatures and constant shearing action. COMPRESSOR OIL contains superior anti-oxidation additives blended with base oils that have been put through severe refining steps to increase the oil’s life when under high temperature operating conditions. Flooded rotary vane compressors normally use COMPRESSOR OIL ISO 32 (SAE 10) and ISO 68 (SAE 20) depending on manufacturers’ recommendations.


COMPRESSOR OIL has an ability to separate from water..
This ability is known as demulsibility. Since these oils are expected to give extended service life, it is important they do not retain water they may contact or may have introduced to them through condensation, cooler leaks or other sources. Retained water could cause equipment damage through rust and changes in the fluid characteristics of the oil. COMPRESSOR OIL has superior emulsion-breaking characteristics.


COMPRESSOR OIL is very stable and offers a long service life.
The very high quality base oils are enriched with generous amounts of superior additives. COMPRESSOR OIL resist viscosity increase, varnish formation, base oil break down, filter plugging, acid number increase, as well as rust and corrosion. COMPRESSOR OIL resists oxidation to ensure trouble free compressor service and lower maintenance cost.


COMPRESSOR OIL provides high film strength to minimize friction and to protect from wear during starting and stopping periods.
The high film strength also helps prevent the oil film from thinning excessively during other high loading situations. Anti-foam is another very important additive system incorporated in COMPRESSOR OIL. By reducing the chance of foaming, along with the wear-reducing properties of the oil and other additives, COMPRESSOR OIL provides increased wear protection to the bearings and other moving parts of the compressors.

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