What is TireGo Tire Sealant?

Tirego Tire Sealant– Tirego is your all around tire sealant. It’s perfect for Golf Carts, Lawn Mowers, tractors, and any other equipment that does not exceed 45mph. Unlike others Tirego is not a “quick fix.” Tirego stops the leak so you can keep going. All you have to do is put Tirego in the tire and continue with your work. You will probably forget that you even had a problem! Tirego is also available in a Eco Friendly biodegradeable type called Tirego EF.

Reduces Down-time

For over 50 years, TIREGO has been helping to reduce up to 50% and more of all flats caused by punctures in the tread area and leaks in the rim or bead areas. This powerful claim is due to its exclusive formula of special fibers suspended in a complex liquid solution. TIREGO will provide your equipment with increased efficiency and less down-time.

Reduces Cost

Heated air laden with moisture rises to the ceilings in dry kilns. This product retards this moisture from attacking ceiling, walls, and decking of dry kilns. This substantially reduces expensive structural repairs or replacements. Proper application is beneficial in helping the dry kiln operate efficiently for extended periods.

Safe for Tires and Rims

TIREGO is chemically inert. It contains no harmful petroleum solvents or other compounds that could attack or damage any part of the tire. TIREGO actually extends a tire’s life by absorbing the heat caused by friction in the tread area, holding the heat in its liquid solution and dispersing this heat to other parts of the tire. TIREGO helps rejuvenate the rubber in a tire keeping it pliable, for a cooling effect extending the tire’s life.

User Firendly

TIREGO’s special formulation emits no annoying or dangerous fumes or vapors and is not harmful to the skin. It can be easily washed off skin and out of clothing. TIREGO is easy to install by rotating the tire to the point where the valve stem is between the ten o’clock and the two o’clock position. Remove the valve core and allow the air to escape. Pump in the appropriate amount of TIREGO- then replace the valve core and inflate the tire to the proper pressure. TIREGO is ready to perform!

Need More Info?

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