X-CELERATE eliminates potential headaches for farmers. It allows products such as pesticides that are naturally water resistant to bond and stay mixed thoroughly. Another challenge is application of chemicals on waxy leaf plants. Chemicals alone will not penetrate these type plants. XCELERATE allows the surface tension to break and the chemical applied to penetrate much more efficiently. Contact kill products, when mixed with X-CELERATE, have a stronger, longer lasting kill.

XCELERATE can even be applied with the use of crop dusters. X-CELERATE actually benefits spraying equipment by reducing salt and mineral deposits on spray nozzles; thus, helping to keep nozzles clean, clear, and spraying properly. * X-CELERATE has proven to remarkably improve the effectiveness of herbicides in the battle against herbicide tolerant weeds. PIGWEED, MARE’S TAIL, WATER HEMP, KOCHIA WEED, GIANT RAGWEED, JOHNSON GRASS and other nutrient robbing weeds are at the source of a multi-billion dollar battle… X-CELERATE is your partner in this fight. Effective results at an impressive 1:800 ratio!


Uniquely formulated surfactant.
X-CELERATE is one of our fastest growing products and the reason is clear and simple. X-CELERATE represents all the things we do well, design and develop products, source premium raw materials and perfect a process for manufacturing that maximizes product performance. Key active ingredients in most wetting agents, adjuvants or surfactants offer little in the way of solubility, during in the manufacturing process. At Royal we utilize the same dedication to manufacturing as we do with our other premium products. Time and temperature are critical to create a stable, fully solubilized, highly effective finish product, unlike others in the industry.


When the process of design and manufacturing are all focused on performance, high performance products are the byproduct.
We commonly hear X-CELERATE users claim, “not only were the end results better, but the mixing was smoother and allowed us to get the results we wanted and use less surfactant than with other brands. Run-off, evaporation and rain proofing are critical when it comes to delivering agents into a plant. The key to improved performance in chemical application is delivering more product, deeper and quicker into your target.


There are many other areas which can benefit tremendously from its performance.
X-CELERATE’s water based, non-ionic formula makes it an excellent addition to almost any tank mix for countless applications including herbicides, fungicides, pesticides, foliar feeds, pre-emergent, irrigation applications and may others. Contact us today and lets discuss where you can best utilize X-CELERTAE in your operation.

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