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Royal Torque & Ultra Torque: Authenticated Tractor Hydraulic Fluids

We are proud to announce that two great products, Royal Torque & Ultra Torque have officially received the authentication mark for superior tractor hydraulic fluids.

Tractors today are more sophisticated, and so are the hydraulics that run them. A tractor or implement is a critical piece of equipment and capital investment. With proper maintenance, the  average working life of a farm tractor is typically about 15 years. But, without a quality lubricant in the hydraulic systems, the equipment life will be shortened, downtime can occur and your cost per acre for production will increase.

That’s why has launched a campaign to endorse hydraulic tractor fluids that meet and often exceed OEM credentials, providing optimal protection against wear, rust, oxidation, brake chatter, extreme temperatures and, ultimately, premature equipment failure.

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