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Supreme HD II & Tier 4 Engines

Supreme HD II Engine Oil Exceeds the Challenge Presented By Tier 4 Engines

Engines using exhaust aftertreatment technology significantly increase the demands put on the engine oil and its performance. Higher peak exhaust gas temperatures are up around 1100ºF to 1300ºF now, versus the 800ºF to 900ºF seen previously. Recirculating the exhaust gas results in higher amounts of soot (the hard carbon particles in the exhaust) for the engine oil to hold in suspension.

Supreme HD II exceeds the challenges presented by aftertreatment technology and provides you with one engine oil to protect on-highway low emission diesel engines with aftertreatment devices, pre-2007 engines, as well as off-road Tier 4 engines and previous generation off-road engines.

Supreme HD II

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