Six Products for a Killer Summer!


Over the past two years customers and salespeople alike are realizing the full potential of Ultima 2100. Ultima’s 100 lb. Timken OK Load and 570 F maximum operating temperature are just part of its benefits. Ultima 2100 boasts a 0.67% water washout, over 570% lower than industry average. Add to this a 0.33mm 4-Ball Wear Scar test result and you have one of the best equipment protecting greases on the market.


Supreme HD & Supreme HD II

For nearly 25 years, Supreme HD has been a staple product for Royal, exceeding nearly all other CI-4 and CI-4 Plus engine oil specifications. Today, Supreme HD still outperforms many others in the industry with its industry high 15+ TBN.

For engines 2007 and newer, API released the CJ-4 Specification. Supreme HD II has an industry high, for CJ-4 oils, 14 TBN. Supreme HD II also leads the industry in protection against wear and corrosion. With 60% better oxidation protection and reduction in carbon deposits, in addition to being backwards compatible with CI-4 and Ci-4 Plus and you have the leader in CJ-4 engine oils.



For over 50 years, Tirego has been one of Royal’s top products. Where as other tire sealants use fibers made from clay, cellulose (cotton), plastic, rubber, fiberglass, latex, and paper, Tirego is made with synthetic fibers blended in a gel-martix. These synthetic fibers hook together allowing superior plugging on punctures.

Tirego also contain anti-freeze that allows you to use it year-round.



Reduces Downtime          Year-round use

Reduces Cost                      Safe for Tire & Rims

For off road tires               Tread, Bead, or Rim leaks



Did you know that Royal Torque and Ultra Torque can be used in multiple industries? Not only are Royal Torque and Ultra Torque versatile oils that can be used in transmissions, final drives, clutches, wet brakes, & hydraulic systems, they are great for industries like construction/excavation, logging, and other off highway equipment.



Superior Oxidation Resistance             Excellent Water Resistance

Anti-Wear Protection                     Helps Eliminate Break Chatter

Year-round use                                                    Cost Savings

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