How to use: Pourable Crack Filler


POURABLE CRACK FILLER is manufactured exclusively for the purpose of repairing small

cracks in outside asphalt and concrete paving. For a quick, economical maintenance approach to

control unsightly and destructive cracks . . . repair with POURABLE CRACK FILLER.

Step 1 – Preparation

Sweep, brush or blow clean all cracks with a broom, brush or blower before applying


Step 2 – Application

Contents may separate during shipping. Consequently, jug must be shaken thoroughly before

using. Cut spout to size. Pour and force material into crack using a V-shaped squeegee.

Although a surface skin begins to form within minutes after application, do not open to traffic or

coat with a Royal paving sealer for a minimum of 24 hours, depending on climate conditions.

Cracks larger than 1″ – – fill with a pourable slurry mix of a SEAL-TITE and sand or COLD FLOW.

Coverage: Cracks measuring 1/2″ wide and 1/2″ deep – – one gallon will fill approximately 80 line-
ar feet.

NOTE: To provide a stronger bond – lightly brush a solid coat of SEAL-TITE down into the clean

crack and let dry before applying the POURABLE CRACK FILLER.

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