Royal Oil's Ultima 2100 Grease for Ultimate Protection

No other grease in the industry, at any price, can offer this kind of protection…period

Ultima 2100

Part of my passion for this industry comes from educating buyers, Royal customers or not, on how to protect themselves from sub-par products in the market place. My belief has always been and it’s even stronger today, that when we help grease users understand the options they have and the technical data at their disposal; it not only helps them protect their business but it drives them towards our product line. Royal’s ULTIMA 2100 utilizes a lithium-calcium complex thickener and offers characteristics that truly defy the traditional thoughts of grease capabilities. When it comes to water resistance, extreme pressure and load carrying capacity, wear protection, stability and operating temperature ULTIMA 2100 stands head and shoulders above other products. Visit with us today let us get this product in your hands and into your equipment.

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